Recover Mysql-5.7 Database From Old Folder Data.

Today is 5 Sep 2021, Unfortunately, I came across a problem with a Linux server on AWS. OS system dies, I was not able to connect to it anymore. Several websites are running on it. Oh my god!

So firstly, I stopped the old EC2 instance and create a new one with lasted Instance bases on Unbuntu. Then I attach a disk/volume of the one to get back all files and data to a new one. The most important thing is to recover all databases that are managed by Mysql-Server-5-7. Damm!!!

I tried to install the lasted version 8.0 of Mysql-Server and what happened: I couldn’t use database files that were stored in /var/lib/mysql, certainly which files are copied from the old one. Damn!!!. I quickly realized that I have to install Mysql-Server with version 5-7 to work compatibly with the old database files.

So let GOOGLEEEE …. and That it is !!!! ( I will copy it to the bottom of this post)

Soooo …. All databases from the old server now have gotten back. PhuuuuHHHH

Keywords for this problem is :

  • Should install a Mysql-Server with the same version as the old one. By anyway, You can get back databases from an old data folder /var/lib/mysql
  • To install an older version of Mysql-Server you should google … 🙂 But you find repositories for them by taking a research for keywords “mysql-apt-config”, “dpkg”

( Carefully backup, not guarantees 🙂 )

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