Customer data can’t be found in Local Storage of a browser

Link an issue: I came across this issue on my customer website. I added a downloadable product ( which needs to be login to checkout), then I logged into, but when I clicked on the checkout button in cart sidebar, it gave me authentication popup. Due to customer data on Local Storage is not…

How to Magento-2 get a template file path

This way is how to Magento 2 find a template file path for a block. Example, a template defined in a layout file is FixBugs_Debug::panel/dashboard.pthml => Then a template file will be renderred is [Magento Root]/app/code/FixBugs/Debug/view/frontend/templates/panel/dashboard.phtml

Strict mode – Email Template

From Magento 2.3.4+, the Magento team added a new attribute for an email template, there is a strict mode or a legacy mode. If you add a new email template for sales objects (orders, invoices, shipments) from the backend, then it might not works property. Example order items grid is not shown in an email….