Magento2 Dev Tool


Quick tools for Magento 2 Development and Deployment:

Quick tools for Magento 2 Development and Deployment:

I think This extension/project will help developers save time in development and deployment in any Magento2 project.

We can enable a production mode on a local machine host, or DEV server (For saving time loading), And then just put only updated files to a pub/static folder.

For example, you want to test a mixin you are implementing, just use a few commands.

  • Push mixin configuration in a requirejs-config.js of your module.
   bin/magento  beta_dev:deploy_requirejs -t Magento/luna
  • Deploy your mixin file to pub/static folder

bin/magento beta_dev:deploy_static -m [your_module] -f js/[your_mixin_path] -t [your_theme]

Deploy static files ( Javascript, Css, HTML, Js-translation, requirejs-config.js )

1. Build/Deploy CSS/Javascript Files

bin/magento beta_dev:deploy_static -m Magento_Checkout -f js/view/shipping-address/address-renderer/default.js -t Magento/luna

2. Deploy a requirejs-config.js


bin/magento  beta_dev:deploy_requirejs -t Magento/luna

3. Deploy a js-translation.json


bin/magento  beta_dev:deploy_requirejs -f Magento/luna

Other tools

1. Build an order grid table ( For missing orders and missing data in existed items )


Build for all missing orders

sudo bin/magento beta_dev:build_order_grid --missing-orders true

Build for a specific order — In case you want to refresh just one item due to just missing a few fields.

sudo bin/magento beta_dev:build_order_grid --missing-orders [order_id]